About Us

Welcome to Shore Can!

If you’re looking for a stunning beach resort, Shore Can has it for you. Surrounded by pristine beaches, Shore Can offers an escape away from the usual atmosphere of the city by taking you away from the dull monochromes of urban-living and exposing you to our colorful cultures. Be greeted by the sand, sea, and sun as you unwind in your luxurious lodgings and signature houses on stilts. Your first stop is the iconic parola which was formerly where ancient mariners kept an eye out for their marine territory. Now, it serves as your initial point where you can have a few snacks and refreshments, relax after your trip, or marvel at the 360-degree view of paradise. From here on, every corner of the resort is dotted with the cultural inheritance of different tribes, from the intricacy of the Mandaya weaving to the captivating structures of stilt houses. In this resort, well-appointed suites and villas with rewarding terraces await every guest. Relax, unwind, and take the time to enjoy nature’s beauty and grandeur.

The architecture of the Resort is a tribute to tribal living as the architect who designed Shore Can, conceptualized it as a camouflage of beauty of the island- so he adapted the curve of the coastlines to blend with the natural setting, used the indigenous materials with earth tones to sound with the island’s lush greenery. Every nook and corner of the resort is a manifestation of how proud we are of our tribes and cultures.

The entire resort, from the architecture to the service, sums up to what we can offer. The advocacy of the resort is to make the guests feel like they are in the heart of nature and nowhere else. Thus, Shore Can prides itself in the history and natural beauty of the place- truly weaving authentic experiences for their now precious pearls- their valuable guests.